Till H. Groß
Coach - Speaker - Entrepreneur  
Hey, I’m Till!
I am a coach, speaker and entrepreneur dedicated to consistently playing in the 1% in whatever I do in my life.

As a coach I work with the highest performing millennials and help them have the biggest impact possible. 

Many of of my clients are entrepreneurs, most of them dedicate their life to mastery and all of them have big, audacious dreams and goals. 
I help good leaders become great leaders by mastering their own psychology, developing deep inner confidence and creating an indomitable commitment to their mission.

All of my clients share my value of integrity, they want to contribute beyond themselves and leave their dent in this world.

I believe the key to a most fulfilled life is courage and commitment. Courage to push past your fears and commitment to your values.

I regularly speak to powerful organizations and companies and share my research around fear, courage and confidence. I show them how they can lead and perform outside their comfort zone and innovate beyond what's comfortable. 

As the founder of Comfort Zone Crusher, I create online trainings that help people overcome their fears and develop the confidence to go after the things they value most in life. Our community consists of tens of thousands of people from all around the world with local meetup groups in over 20 cities.

Over the last year alone my talks, online courses and videos have reached over 1 Million people. My work has been featured on national television, radio shows, magazines, TEDx stages, newspapers and international blogs.

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