We create fun and playful online courses to help people overcome their fears and build the confidence to go after the things they value most in life. 

All our courses are thoroughly researched and rely on evidence-based psychology concepts. 

Behind Comfort Zone Crusher is a massive community, with tens of thousands of people and over 20 local meetups in cities around the world.
Roads to Courage is a research-travel project dedicated to finding the most effective strategies to overcome fear and build courage. 

Together with my research partner, anthropologist and startup coach Stephanie Cox, we hitchhiked over 7,500 miles through South America and the United States. 

During that time we interviewed hundreds of people about fear and courage. We asked them questions like “What’s your biggest fear?”, “What is courage for you?” or “What is the most courageous thing you’ve ever done?”. 

Our interview partners included slum kids from Argentina, executives from the US, housewives from Chile, White House employees, truck drivers from Peru - and literally everybody in between. We presented our findings at numerous events and companies.