I believe a great speaker is not someone who yells “You Can Do This” from the top of his lungs, tells touchy-feely stories or makes an audience jump up and down. Instead, I believe a great speaker has the most compelling ideas that have the potential to leave an impact even years after the talk.

For this reason, I relentlessly focus on thorough research so that I can deliver exactly this: compelling ideas.

My talks combine in-depth research and impactful ideas with light-hearted storytelling and easy to implement steps.

I have been a professional public speaker for over 5 years.

During this time I presented to a wide variety of age groups and demographics – students, psychologists, entrepreneurs, executives, parents, salespeople and artists. I gave intimate workshops for as little as 5 people, whole weekend trainings for entire companies and entertained crowds of thousands.
Sample Talks
How to become more confident - Lay down on the street for 30 Seconds 
One of the 100 most watched TEDx talks of all time. Listen to my personal story how I overcame my fears by leveraging the science around courage and confidence. 
Leading Beyond Fear - Leveraging The Science of Courage and Confidence
What guides your decisions? Your values and commitments or your emotions like fear and worry? Learn how to lead beyond your emotions and stick to your goals and commitments.
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