“With 19 I decided to become the best psychologist I could be…” that’s how I began my second TEDx talk. Now, years after this commitment I am as passionate and fulfilled by this path as ever before, and follow it with utmost intensity.
After studying psychology at the University of Chicago and the University of Vienna, apprenticing under some of the most influential therapists and psychologists I founded Comfort Zone Crusher. 

My team at Comfort Zone Crusher helps millennials overcome fear and develop lasting confidence so they can go after the things they value most in life. All of our courses are heavily researched and rely on evidence-based therapy concepts. Our community consists of tens of thousands of people from all around the world with local meetup groups in over 35 cities. My TEDx talk about our approach is one of the 100 most watched talks of all time.

After the success of the Comfort Zone Crusher, I founded Course Concierge

Course Concierge is a boutique online course production company that creates beautiful, high-end online courses for entrepreneurs, authors, and thought leaders.

Our team of world-class editors and marketers channel your expertise to identify the angle of your course, outline it with you, film it and set up a fully automated, high-converting sales funnel.

Our experts bring the knowledge, we do the rest – while maintaining the highest level of integrity.

I regularly speak to powerful organizations and companies and share my research around fear, courage, and confidence. I show them how they can lead and perform outside their comfort zone and innovate beyond what's comfortable.  

I live in Los Angeles with my wife, two kids, our dog and cat.