A life dedicated to playing in the extremes
“With 19 I decided to become the best psychologist I could be…” that’s how I began my second TEDx talk. Now, years after this commitment I am as passionate and fulfilled by this path as ever before, and follow it with utmost intensity.

I am dedicated to consistently play in the 1% whatever I do in my life.

When I learn,...
 I always go to the source and learn from the best teachers possible.
When I speak,
I take risks, fully show up on stage and say things other wouldn’t dare to think.
When I travel,... 
 I go to the most beautiful places and take the most adventurous roads.
When I work,
 I go all in and leave nothing on the table and always look for chances of extreme leverage.
I believe the key to a most fulfilled life is courage and commitment. Courage to push past your fears and commitment to your values.

After studying psychology at the University of Chicago and the University of Vienna, apprenticing under some of the most influential coaches, therapists and psychologists I founded Comfort Zone Crusher. 

My team at Comfort Zone Crusher helps millennials overcome fear and develop lasting confidence so they can go after the things they value most in life. All of our courses are heavily researched and rely on evidence-based therapy concepts. Our community consists of tens of thousands of people from all around the world with local meetup groups in over 35 cities. My TEDx talk about our approach is one of the 100 most watched talks of all time.

I regularly speak to powerful organizations and companies and share my research around fear, courage, and confidence. I show them how they can lead and perform outside their comfort zone and innovate beyond what's comfortable.  

I live in Los Angeles with my wife, two kids, our dog and cat.