SoFar Los Angeles
Courage is...
In this talk I share a story from our Roads To Courage trip where we interviewed hundreds of people about fear and courage.
How to become more confident - Lay down on the street for 30 Seconds 
One of the 100 most watched TEDx talks of all time. Listen to my personal story how I overcame my fears by leveraging the science around courage and fear. 
4 Steps to Design Your Own Education 
Find out how I managed to give talks to hundreds of people at the age of 19, apprentice under the most influential therapists and coaches and build skills in the shortest time possible.
How to overcome fear
I shared the stage with Mark Manson and Derek Sivers, when I talked about living a life beyond fear. In this talk I lay out the step-by-step process to have your life organized by your goals and values instead of your emotions.
Comfort Zone Challenges
The fastest way to become more confident
Comfort Zone Challenges are a playful form of exposure therapy and the fastest way to tackle your fears, become more confident and stop caring what other people might think about you!